Pedro Neves

foto Pedro Neves

...We therefore hear a constantly delicate, balanced pianism, with a good choice of percussive dynamics on the keyboard, that is, with that particular touch which allows us to quickly distinguish a good pianist from a willing amateur. There are many decorations, above all entrusted to the perfect and well-composed rhythm that accompanies it, without however resulting in any decadent imprint or towards hyperbolic tendencies, maintaining an absorbed and elegiac climate, the result of a constant clarity of intent.

Riccardo Talamazzi |

Anyway, the serious, hard and elegant piano touch and the melody line let us hear the extremely lyrical flow in an orthodox way. No matter what I say, I'm listening to it and I'm not tired of being wrapped in that kindness. The reliable technique based on the classical music is one of the major reasons why it is liked.  This album is his first trio album, and we expect his future development and success. All in all, it's an album I would recommend to anyone.


The eight songs on "Hindrances" impress with very different moods, which not only manifest themselves in the individual songs, but also provide bright sunlight or thoughtful parts within a track. The trio attaches great importance to keeping the mood light and airy in fast phases and to creating a high degree of intimacy in ballad-like moments. Quiet parts also succumb to the patterns of improvisation and it's brilliant time and time again how you manage to conjure up beautifully swinging sections.



02 | 11:30

Pedro Neves Trio Feat. Javier Pereiro

Feira do Livro Porto - Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

03 | 22:30

Puzzle 3 Trio

HotFive - Porto

09 | 19:00

Pedro Neves Trio Feat. Javier Pereiro

Noite Branca Braga